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Welcome, our new foreign friend! We’re very happy you found our page, so let me introduce us.

We’re a new and different cafe bar in Zagreb. We serve really good coffee and we think about every detail. In our cafe bar you can try number of dessert coffees: with chocolate, Oreo cookies, strawberries and much more. Also try our original unique art coffee – colorful coffee!


You can also try ice tea which we make every day for you in the cafe bar and freshly squeezed oranges and lemons from Croatian islands Vis and Hvar.


Our main mission was to connect the capital, Zagreb, with Istra, the region known for excellent wines. European best destinations places Istria in the top 10 wine regions of Europe.. Besides wine, you can try the most popular Croatian beer from Zagreb – Ožujsko, and best Istrian beers like San Servolo, or craft one – Bura brew.

What has made Istria a synonym for good wine? Man’s hard work, naturally, but first of all natural features that guarantee high-quality grapes. Those are position, soil, climate and relief, since each contributes to a certain extent to the charm of good wine.

There are two dominant types of soil suitable for wine-growing on the Istrian peninsula: red soil (terra rossa) and marly soil or flysh, popularly known as white soil. Experts say that the red soil isideal for plantations of high-quality red varieties (yielding strongly structured, full-bodied wines) whereas the flysh is ideal for white varieties, mellow wines that retain their freshness along with the fine aroma. Hilly land with gentle slopes, which Istria abounds in, is ideal for wine-growing, especially slopes exposed to the sun, whereas the greater oscillation between day and night temperature contributes to the pronounced intensity of the future wine. (

foto: Vera Kailova

I think we just gave you a lot of reasons to visit us! Plus, we are the only cafe in Tkalča street with a beautiful green garden!

We’re tourist friendly, so you can charge your phone for free (even if you don’t have a charger – we do), connect to wi-fi and ask for advice or directions in the city.

See you around!

Working hours:

Monday-Friday 9am-12 midnight

Saturday-Sunday 9am-12 midnight